Omachron Science Inc.

Our research activities include, but are not limited to:

Advanced Filters
The development of advanced air purification systems for residential, commercial, industrial and medical use including specialized masks for use in pandemics and other emergencies.
Clean Coal and Clean Biomass Combustion Systems
A new generation of high efficiency clean coal combustion systems utilizing the patented Chemical Conversion TM Technology are currently being experimentally developed as an environmentally sustainable means of utilizing coal and biomass.
Cyclonic Separation Systems
A series of advanced cyclonic separation technologies have been developed which allow higher separation efficiencies with less energy than conventional cyclonic products. The new cyclonic separation systems are efficient for particles sizes down to 0.05 microns whereas conventional cyclone separators typically do not operate well below 5 microns. These innovations save energy and enable many environmentally sustainable products such as bagless vacuum cleaners.
Enhanced Electric Motors
A new style of switched reluctance motor is being developed which currently offers an efficiency in excess of 92.5%, an operating life in excess of 10,000 hours, and a manufacturing cost which is competitive with common universal motors whose efficiency is typically 60% or less.
New 99.8% efficient gas furnaces and gas water heaters are being developed which can retail for less than the cost of current mid efficiency products.
Hydrogen Generation and Storage
A breakthrough in hydrogen generation technology has been made which enables 82% to 91% efficient hydrogen generation at a capital cost of less than $22 per kW (versus $440 to $1,100/kW in the current marketplace). These designs eliminate the need for large, expensive, bulky low voltage transformers and are currently being embodied in a number of products. A novel hydrogen storage system which cannot leak or explode is also being developed. A number of hydrogen applications are already being licensed. A low cost system to enhance the fuel mileage of gasoline and diesel vehicles is also being developed.
A series of high performance low cost environmentally friendly insulation materials are being developed as well as methods for their manufacture.
LED Lighting
The development of enhanced LED lighting systems with a focus on cost reduction to enable the cost competitive replacement of fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights which incorporate hazardous materials such as mercury and pose a health and environmental risk.
Plasma Waste Disposal
The development of compact plasma waste disposal systems which provides an alternative to land fill at less than 20% of the associated costs and without generating harmful emissions as a byproduct.
Solar Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
The development of new designs and manufacturing techniques to enable lower cost solar space heating, space cooling, water heating and electricity production. A number of the research projects are showing great promise and some will be in production by the first quarter of 2009.
Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems
The development of next generation compact water treatment systems to provide users with a cost competitive and environmentally sustainable alternative to bottled water without compromising taste or health safety. A series of wastewater treatment systems to replace rural septic beds are also being developed.
Wind Turbines
A new type of hybrid wind turbine design with a unique control system made recyclable materials will enable a quiet, low environmental impact means of harness wind power on a distributed and central basis.