Omachron Science Inc.

Omachron Science Inc. has become a technology licensing company for an intellectual property pool that includes over seven hundred inventions. These inventions are already the subject of hundreds of granted and pending patents. These inventions have been developed over the past quarter century and span a diverse range of scientific areas.

The Research Facility

Our Culture

Our staff support each other on projects as needed, not just on projects to which they are formally assigned thereby creating a "fluid yet self supporting structure" which ensures the success of all of our projects and people.

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At Omachron Science Inc, sustainability means designing products and processes to meet the needs of the customer while also considering the needs of society, of the environment, and of the company.

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The Omachron Scientific Research and Experimental Development Center (SR&ED) is a campus style, state of the art facility located on eight acres near Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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