Omachron Science Inc.

The Omachron Scientific Research and Experimental Development Center (SR&ED) is a campus style, state of the art facility located on eight acres near Toronto, Ontario Canada.


These facilities include high energy physics and plasma physics, mathematical modeling capabilities, advanced manufacturing and micro-manufacturing laboratories, a fully automated rapid prototyping center, a complete machine shop, as well as laboratories specializing in aquaponics, biology, chemistry, electronics, hydroponics, materials science, and many other fields.

ZCorp Analyze

CAD The Omachron Science Inc facilities provide a unique, in-house, vertically integrated environment to enable the different technical disciplines of the Omachron Science Inc team, the staff of our partners, and the academic staff of universities and colleges to efficiently work together. Ideas on a white board Machine Shop can be transformed into working models to test new ideas within hours or days allowing an unparalleled level of creativity and a rapid advance of science and technology.

The Omachron SR&ED facility is a unique environment which brings together a the diversity of pure research excellence, practical business innovation, and inspired product and process development, in an intimate campus atmosphere to foster interaction, creativity, and true innovation among the close knit technical team and the technical staff of clients, partner companies, and partner universities. This facility enables a truly multidisciplinary approach to science and technology.

Therefore, Omachron Science Inc is able to develop "Sustainable Technologies for a Better Future"™